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Hotel WiFi Marketing Solutions

Your Promotions, Your Way.

SuperFi features a plethora of WiFi landing page options to help you meet your marketing goals.

Data-Driven Analytics

We prove our value to your hotel with data-driven analytics.

Customized WiFi Landing Pages

Whether you would like to increase your subscribers, app downloads, or promote a loyalty stay special, SuperFi helps make your dream goals a reality.

wifi for hotels
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Your Promos, Your Goals.

SuperFi understands that hotels have to capture their audience’s attention, make them happy, and leave them coming back again and again. Our hotel WiFi marketing landing pages helps the hospitality industry do just that. Whether you would like to increase your email subscribers, jumpstart your SMS marketing, display room service specials, or provide a hotel loyalty program enrollment special, SuperFi can help you make it happen.

Custom Solutions

You’ve worked hard to make your hotel brand stand out from your competitors, and your SuperFi WiFi landing page can help you achieve even more. We’ll take your hotel’s branding colors, font style, and image style to your WiFi access page to make you stand out even more.



It’s never been easier to change your hotel marketing campaigns and develop custom hospitality landing pages regularly, as your marketing initiatives are updated.


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