4 Ways Guest WiFi Can Increase Revenue at Your Restaurant

4 Ways Guest WiFi Can Increase Revenue at Your Restaurant

In the past, WiFi was nice to have – but now it’s an absolute must. Guest WiFi is much more than just an added benefit to customer experience – it’s a huge marketing opportunity.

Continue reading to learn about the four ways that WiFi can increase revenue at your restaurant and keep customers coming back time and time again.

1) High Quality WiFi

Internet service providers are notorious for not always delivering the fastest, most reliable WiFi. Your customers expect it, so if you aren’t delivering fast, reliable, easy-to-use WiFi, they can just go to a competitor that does.

The best way to avoid this pitfall is by working with a WiFi marketing company that is focused on the guest experience. These specialists will install access points to ensure the best quality of your WiFi signal to all your customers

A WiFi marketing service can also help to keep POS systems and delivery tablets running smoothly with maximum up-time, which can add up to save a lot of money over time.

2) Get the Most out of Your Data

In the age of information, there is so much data that it can be overwhelming. But understanding the key metrics and how to use them to increase sales has never been more important.

This is not a new trend. Restaurants have seen a shift in the past several years with smarter POS systems that track everything from past orders to real-time monitoring. But collecting useful data shouldn’t stop there.

Like a POS system, WiFi is a great opportunity to gauge how your restaurant is performing.

Consider the following questions:

  • How long are WiFi customers connected to the internet?
  • How frequently do your WiFi customers come back?
  • How much passerby traffic does your store get?
  • What are your peak hours/days?
  • Do you offer delivery or online ordering? If so, how long are your delivery tablets down and how much is it costing you in lost sales?

Finding the answers to these questions may be easier than you think. WiFi access points installed in your restaurant can store information about WiFi users in the area – giving you a deeper understanding of your customers and uncovering opportunities to better serve them and increase sales.

3) Email Marketing to a Captive Audience

Customers are willing to give you data in exchange for free, reliable guest WiFi. By providing an email and accepting terms, these customers trust you to provide value to them.

Email marketing remains one of the best and most affordable ways to drive customer acquisition and retention. Consider the following:

With WiFi marketing, you can send engaging emails to a growing list. Ideas for emails include:

  • New menu items or specials
  • Loyalty program offerings
  • Special event invitations
  • Surveys to get feedback from your WiFi customers
  • Other incentives to get them back to your restaurant

Email marketing to a list of WiFi users is great way to build value and turn them into raving fans.

4) Advanced Marketing Tools

Collecting emails is not the only way to market to your captive audience. You can also drive customers to your social media pages or website, use retargeting pixels, offer specials/coupons on your WiFi landing page, and much more.

  • Increase app downloads
  • Create targeted SMS campaigns based on store traffic
  • Create targeted push notifications based on store traffic
  • Embed custom data tag pixels
  • Learn what customers are thinking with surveys
  • View customer devices that are being used to access WiFi for upgrade campaigns
  • Create campaigns for passerby traffic from neighboring businesses
  • Create custom marketing campaigns for each store locations visitors
  • Improve promotional display based on passerby data
  • Send special campaigns to loyalty visitors who regularly visit locations

SuperFi Core Principles

SuperFi helps restaurants take advantage of WiFi marketing to increase customer loyalty, retention, and sales. Our core principles define our relationships with our clients and has lead to a 95% retention rate.

  • We offer total WiFi coverage – no more spotty connections or upset customers.
  • We provide simplified network access for your customers and staff
  • We create effective custom campaigns to market to your loyal base
  • We can execute campaigns for you because we know your time is valuable
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