5 Restaurant Trends That Will Define 2020

5 Restaurant Trends That Will Define 2020

5. Eco-Friendly Options

Plant-based proteins, eco-friendly packaging and utensils, along with zero-waste dishes will continue to be the trend into 2020. While this is somewhat driven by vegan and vegetarian diners, the major drivers are environmentally-conscious guests. Cows have been identified as a major contributor of greenhouse gases, the city bans on plastics are expanding to decrease polution, and zero-waste dishes are becoming higher on the restaurant priority list.

4. Smaller, Simpler Menus

To appeal to shorter attention spans and improve the decision making process, major QSRs have begun offering shorter, simpler menu options. Last year, McDonald’s CFO Kevin Orzan explained that premium options were slowing down drive thrus because they take longer to make. Many restaurant owners are beginning to jump on board, discovering that the shorter the menu, the faster their effeciency will be. This change also decreases labor training significantly.

3. Higher Generation Z Influence

Generation Z is poised to make a larger impact in the dining industry in the next year. They are looking for cool, hip, and casual places to hang out. Their priority list includes meals that are customizable, convenient, experiental, and affordable. “With every generation, there’s always a little twist on what came before them. Some of the things we see and believe will continue is the emphasis around fresh and the emphasis around authenticity in foods, but it looks like Gen Z is putting a little twist on what authenticity might mean. For them, the definition might be a little bit broader,” says Darren Seifer, food and beverage analyst with The NPD Group.

2. More Focus on Experiences

The atmosphere, buzz, and discovery process are becoming important brand attributes to adhere to in 2020. The goal is to modernize and attract new customers to the brand experience. It’s increasingly important to ask what can be done to bring your brand to life. Often, this translates past logos and atmosphere, into your technology. Life has gone digital, so it’s important to figure out ways for restaurants to provide digital coupons, loyalty programs, email communications, and other offerings moving into 2020.

1. Increased WiFi Marketing Utilization

As more restaurant guests expect a great brand experience, they also expect the convenience of having the same fast WiFi that they enjoy in their own homes. 96% of customers prefer dining at locations that offer free WiFi, and that number grows significantly year after year. SuperFi provides free WiFi that captures valuable information to help you learn more about your visitors, including email addresses, favorite meals, cell phone numbers, birthdays, and more. Learn about SuperFi WiFi by clicking here.

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