Tech Troubleshooting

Guest WiFi Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshoot in 3 Steps

Follow the steps below to resolve issues before you even contact support!

1. Check to make sure your WiFi has power

  • Locate your WiFi power adapter. This is a small black box labeled with the word “WiFi” with our support number. This is normally near your business internet connection.
    • If the green light is OFF, check the connection to both the device and the electrical outlet.
    • If the green light is ON, then you can proceed to the next step.

2. Verify your business internet is working

  • Test the internet access on a device that is connected directly to the modem. This can include your desktop computer, laptop, or credit card machine.
    • If there’s NO internet access, then please contact your local internet provider such as Comcast, Cox, or AT&T.
    • If there IS internet access, then you can proceed to the next step.

3. Confirm your WiFi access point is connected

  • Locate your white Cisco AP box. This is normally located on a ceiling tile in the customer or serving line area.
    • If the green lights are ON, then you can use your mobile device to check for your WiFi signals.
      • If networks appear normal, you can try to connect.
      • If your networks are NOT present, contact support.
    • If green lights are OFF, please contact support.


The lights on your Cisco AP box and indicate issues. If you see…

  • A flashing orange light – the device is updating. Please wait up to 5 minutes to continue troubleshooting.
  • Only 1 or 2 lights lit up, but the rest are moving 1 at a time – Verify your business internet is working (step 2).
  • All lights are on except 1 (the 2nd light from the bottom) – Contact support.
  • One or more flashing green lights – Contact support.
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