SuperFi Relief Plans – SuperFi
Most businesses like yours are acquiring emails from:
  • 3rd party resources like OpenTable
  • App users
  • Website subscribers
  • Comment cards
  • Loyalty programs

Now more than ever, email marketing is a highly effective and low cost way to boost revenue.

While it’s important to be active in multiple channels, email marketing ensures every recipient has the opportunity to read your message. No fighting social media algorithms for exposure or paying advertising fees.
At SuperFi, we’ve taken aggressive action to cut our pricing and help you succeed through this time.  Let’s adapt and overcome together!



For those ready to to build and send their own email campaigns.

  • FREE user account to SuperFi’s premier email marketing platform with no monthly base fee
  • Quick start user training video to get you up and running immediately
  • Only pay for delivered emails at a deeply discounted rate of $2.50 per 1,000 emails
  • Delayed billing for 30 days 


The turnkey solution that puts SuperFi’s marketing pros to work for you.  Submit campaign requests, and we do the rest.

  • No monthly base fee.  All services provided on a per request basis.
  • $49 per email campaign (50% OFF regular price)
    • Includes professional design, production, deployment and online results reporting
  • 2,500 FREE email deliveries with each campaign 
    • $2.50 per 1,000 email deliveries after 2,500

Why email marketing? Why now?

Email marketing with SuperFi is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to increase revenue. Our clients are finding success running campaigns that focus on delivery, take-out, e-commerce, gift cards, and special car-side pickup offers. Some businesses are offering care package deliveries with in-demand items such as meat, coffee, tea, and even toilet paper. This is a unique opportunity to improve revenue by shifting to a delivery focus and providing a value to families nationwide who are unable to leave their homes, or who are looking for items to send to vulnerable and separated family members.

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