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Guest WiFi and Marketing platform that drives customer loyalty in Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, and Retail businesses.
Skyrocket Event Ticket Sales

Skyrocket Event Ticket Sales

Email Marketing Case Study

Bellwether & Black Sheep, two popular upscale restaurants in Jacksonville, FL, have been SuperFi WiFi Marketing customers since November 2017. They value the reliable WiFi and fast email collection made simple with branded WiFi landing pages at both locations.

With SuperFi, their customers can use free, fast WiFi in exchange for joining an email newsletter list, managed by SuperFi on the restaurants behalf, to stay up to date with happenings, new menu items, and special events.

Since starting with SuperFi, Bellwether and Black Sheep have gathered an average of nearly 8 emails each day, totaling more than 3,700 emails.

Email Marketing to Your Customers

One way to keep your customers coming back again and again is through email marketing. Studies have shown that email marketing is more effective at reaching your customers than social media marketing. As Agency Analytics puts it, email marketing “reaches more people, drives more conversions, and has a higher ROI than social media marketing.”

As a result, Bellwether and Black Sheep place great importance on delivering timely, unique emails that engage their growing list of fans. SuperFi deploys monthly emails on their behalf to promote special events and menu changes.

FUN FACT: Email Marketing 40x More Effective than Social Media


Finding the answers to these questions may be easier than you think. WiFi access points installed in your restaurant can store information about WiFi users in the area – giving you a deeper understanding of your customers and uncovering opportunities to better serve them and increase sales.

Email Marketing ROI

Tracking an ROI for restaurant marketing solutions can be tricky, but with event-based emails, it’s actually quite simple. SuperFi sent an email to Bellwether and Black Sheep’s lists in May, 2018 for the Madeira Wine Dinner event. We tracked ROI by matching up email recipients who clicked ticket link to the list of people who bought tickets.

The result was an ROI of 800%!

Special Event Email Results

The Madeira Wine Dinner email was opened by 1,510 customers (a fantastic open rate of 25.7%). 63 email recipients clicked the link to purchase tickets and 20 tickets ($90 each) were sold as a direct result for a total revenue of $1,800!

SuperFi Core Principles

SuperFi helps restaurants take advantage of WiFi marketing to increase customer loyalty, retention, and sales. Our core principles define our relationships with our clients and has lead to a 90% retention rate.

  • We offer total WiFi coverage – no more spotty connections or upset customers.
  • We provide simplified network access for your customers and staff
  • We create effective custom campaigns to market to your loyal base
  • We can execute campaigns for you because we know your time is valuable
  • We don’t believe in yearly contracts – we are so confident in the quality of our services and believe in offering great value each and every month

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