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Guest WiFi and Marketing platform that drives customer loyalty in Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, and Retail businesses.

The SuperFi Platform

We offer a range of services to increase repeat customers and earn you more revenue.

WiFi Optimization

Many restaurants and retail businesses offer Free WiFi. After all, it’s pretty much expected these days. The problem is that the WiFi is terrible – and as a result, YOUR customers will run to your competitors.

SuperFi installs high-end Cisco Meraki wireless hardware in the optimal location, insuring a better signal for customers and staff alike.

  • Secure and fast WiFi with network monitoring and support
  • PCI compliant hardware
  • Designated WiFi networks (one for guests, one for staff, etc.)
  • Bandwidth management

Total WiFi Coverage

SuperFi does not replace your internet provider. Our goal is to make it better. Tired of dealing with internet outages that affect your POS system? Sick of dealing with complaining customers because the WiFi is down or too weak?

SuperFi fixes all those problems thanks to our professional-grade hardware and management system.

Manage Internet Data

Manage Internet Data

Deciding what internet service plan your business needs can be stressful. 10MB, 50MB, 100MB? Making the wrong choice can cost you- either by overpaying for data you don’t need or by not providing enough data to service your needs.

SuperFi eliminates the guess work and tells you exactly how much data you are using each month. We also setup in-house rules to allocate the right amount of data to each customer and staff – ensuring no one entity can hog it all at once.

Stay Secure

Stay Secure

SuperFi sets up security rules to block adult content, illegal downloading, and other nefarious activities. You would be surprised how many people use public WiFi for these very purposes.

Nearby Traffic

Nearby Traffic

Using our dashboard analytics, our clients can see how many people are near your location(s). With a WiFi range of approximately 300 ft., SuperFi can list a network name to entice anyone nearby (trying to connect to WiFi) to come inside. For example:

@Free App at BUSINESS – Come in!
@BUSINESS Delivers 24/7
@Happy Hour – 4-7 Mon-Fri

4 Ways Guest Wifi Can Increase Sales

Learn how WiFi can increase revenue at your restaurant and keep customers coming back time and time again.

Core Marketing

With better WiFi installed, your customers are happier and more loyal, your staff has more time, and your systems are running flawlessly. Now is the time to capitalize!

SuperFi offers a branded WiFi experience to your guests with a custom landing page that can collect customer emails, drive social media engagement, promote app downloads, and much more. The goal of these bespoke marketing tools is to help you to drive repeat business.

Branded Landing Page

Using SuperFi, you can collect emails or run another marketing campaign with a custom landing page. Customers don’t have to ask for a password – they can connect to your network without staff assistance. Make a great first impression with a branded landing page.

Custom Email Campaigns

Collecting emails on your custom landing page can build up your email list fast. Our team of experts can also help you develop an email marketing schedule and send out beautifully, custom designed emails on your behalf.

If you want to manage your own email marketing, we can hook up our API to feed directly into your account.

Capture & Send Emails

Capture & Send Emails

Build an email list super fast. You can collect every WiFi-using customer’s email address and any other pertinent data. Reward them and keep them coming back with timely, value-packed emails, created for you by a SuperFi Account Manager.

We believe in sending monthly emails to your growing list on your behalf. We know your time is valuable and we have the knowledge and skills to drive results.

Social Media Likes

Social Media Likes

Ask for a like in exchange for using the WiFi – and viola, you have a new follower on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media channel.

Promoting your social media channels to your customers is a safe marketing tactic that can lead to your fans becoming even more engaged with your brand.

Increase App Downloads

Increase App Downloads

Take your mobile app to the next level by requesting app downloads from your WiFi-using customers. Marketing your loyalty app to your current customers is a savvy move – one that will increase revenue through repeat business.

Welcome to Moe’s, a SuperFi customer since 2016, reported an increase in app downloads and a sizable jump in sales since they began using this strategy.

Deploy Retargeting Pixels

Deploy Retargeting Pixels

Ramp up your advertising efforts by deploying retargeting pixels on your landing page to market to your loyal customers online.

Once a pixel has been attached to a customer, you can serve them ads online as they are browsing the internet or social media.

Showcase Specials

Showcase Specials

Give your WiFi-using customers a huge incentive to come back with relevant specials or promotions. Reciprocity can be a powerful marketing tool.

WiFi Fans

WiFi Fans

Internet service providers are notorious for not always delivering the fastest, most reliable WiFi. Your customers expect it, so if you aren’t delivering fast, reliable, easy-to-use WiFi, they can just go to a competitor that does.

Earn more repeat business by sitting back and letting SuperFi take care of the rest.

Case Study: Skyrocket Event Ticket Sales with Email Marketing

We tracked ROI by matching up email recipients who clicked link to the list of people who purchase tickets for the event. The result was an ROI of 800%!

Advanced Analytics

WiFi analytics, tablet monitoring, and performance data will be readily available to you in the SuperFi dashboard. The dashboard will include passer-by data, total visitors, WiFi users, daily and hourly traffic reports, location comparison tools, device monitoring statistics, and much more.

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SuperFi Case Studies and Blog

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