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Tips To Maximize Third Party Delivery Sales

Tips to Maximize Third Party Delivery Sales

SuperFi restaurants enjoy an increase in third party delivery revenue of up to 40%. As such, we wanted to share some best practices that we’ve gathered from our top performers:

  1. Let customers double the portion for 1.5x the price – drive growth through delivery rather than discounts.
  2. Don’t offer the full menu – it will overwhelm your customers and your staff.
  3. Only offer items that will travel well – chicken tenders? Perfect. meatball sub? Maybe not.
  4. Purchase extra tablet chargers each month – cheap tablet chargers break and are swiped often – order high-quality cables each month to increase tablet up-time.
  5. Live tablet monitoring with SuperFi will increase tablet up-time (tablet connected and ready to take orders) from 80% to 97% – this is our secret sauce. SuperFi gets your tablets back up and running in no time to maximize efficiency and sales.

Hopefully these tips help you to implement new ideas at your restaurant. Drop us a line below to get more information about our delivery monitoring process and how it can increase your revenue even more.

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