How to Increase Profits While Fighting Coronavirus

How to Increase Profits While Fighting Coronavirus

With the current coronavirus pandemic, you don’t have to choose between closing your doors and helping your community. Now is the time to creatively evaluate your brand focus and learn how to become an asset while helping others in ways that were never thought of before.

Focus on this question: What do you have that the community needs?

Despite the grim outlook for many restaurant owners, there is a lot of industry growth coming from the coronavirus crisis. Major pizza delivery companies hiring over 10k new employees EACH.  Almost overnight, restaurants are experiencing a need to create a major shift to delivery and e-commence in order to thrive. Many food service companies are forced to evolve to where they would be 5-10 years down the road.

What can be done during this time?

1. Delivery – shift to delivery with third party partners as quickly as possible.
2. Online orders – to cut costs, focus on setting up online orders using easy website builders like Squarespace.
3. Take-out and car-side pickup
4. Focus on what you have that the community needs – Many grocery stores are out of the ingredients that restaurants have to provide. Some restaurants are doing pop-up grocery stores.
5. Care packages – Hair care packages, coffee packages, tea packages, ice cream packages, etc. Some brave cafes and restaurants are even incorporating toilet paper to provide value.
6. Drinks – In some states restaurants can still provide alcoholic drinks for delivery. Capitalize on this opportunity where you can.

Emails are a crucial lifeline during this pandemic and provide the ability for brick and mortar brands to reach out to your guests at home. Many times, businesses have a list of email addresses that can be used and they aren’t even aware that they exist.

These are the best places to find hidden email lists:

  • Third party partners like Open Table
  • Website subscribers
  • App users
  • Loyalty club members

It’s crucial that brands become more agile than ever before while maintaining a good mental state during this difficult time. Focus on strengths, not your weaknesses.

SuperFi has created a coronavirus relief package to help brands impacted by the epidemic increase profits.

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