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Growing Restaurant and Retail Revenue Since 2015

With hundreds of clients across 10 states, SuperFi has grown from humble beginnings thanks to a focus on outstanding customer service and our innovative approach to earning more revenue through WiFi Marketing.

SuperFi Core Principles

SuperFi helps cafés, restaurants, and retail businesses take advantage of WiFi marketing to increase customer loyalty, retention, and sales. Our core principles define our relationships with our clients and has led to a 95% retention rate.

  • Total WiFi coverage – no more spotty connections or upset customers.
  • Simplified network access for your customers and staff
  • Effective custom campaigns to market to your loyal base
  • We execute campaigns for you since we know you are so busy
  • We don’t believe in yearly contracts – we are so confident in the quality of our services and believe in offering great value each and every month

Understanding WiFi Marketing, Delivery Tablet Monitoring, & More

Check out our blog to learn how WiFi technology is rapidly gaining traction in the restaurant and retail industries. WiFi can do much more for your business than you ever imagined.