10 Ways to Help Keep Guests Safe During COVID-19

10 Ways to Help Keep Guests Safe During COVID-19

Many speculate that the restaurant industry will never be the same after COVID-19.


Customer safety is critical.


The pandemic has completely transformed the way that patrons eat out.


Health and safety concerns are likely to stay even after Coronavirus is under control.


More importantly, however, is the need to communicate restaurant improvements to guests.


In this article, we’ll provide 10 of the top ways that restaurants are improving guest safety.


We’ll also provide the resources that restaurants need to communicate with guests anywhere.


Let’s begin by outlining the top 10 adjustments that the restaurant industry has already started implementing to improve consumer safety as patrons begin dining in.


restaurant safety face mask requirement

1. Masks for everyone

To improve guest safety concerns, many restaurants require that employees and guests wear masks when they are not sitting down at a dining table. In specific states, cities, and counties, it is the law. Ensuring that employees cover their mouths and noses is critical for restaurant guests’ peace of mind.


protective barriers for restaurant safety

2. Protective barriers

The CDC recommends that restaurants install physical barriers in areas where it is difficult for individuals to remain 6 feet apart.


space between tables for restaurant safety

3. Space between tables

Many restaurants are removing or moving their tables. Reallocating tables makes it easier to expand space in between customers and restaurant tables. 


Designated seating for restaurant safety

4. Marked designated seating

The National Restaurant Association recommends redesigning seats so that they maximize social distancing potential as much as possible.


open windows or outdoor dining for restaurant safety

5. Open windows or outdoor dining

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg is the director of Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory at the University of Oregon. He recommends increasing airflow in a room, whether through a ventilation system or opening windows to create a cross breeze. 

Studies suggest that humidity supports better immune function, so outdoor-only dining is a solution that many restaurants are taking.


hand sanitizer for restaurant safety

6. Complimentary hand sanitizer

Many restaurant operators provide a free travel-size sanitizer bottle per table. Others require that patrons wash or sanitize their hands before entering restaurant premises. Regardless, sanitizer can certainly reduce guest anxiety.


7. Temperature checks

Additionally, temperature gun checks upon restaurant entry can help keep restaurant workers and patrons safe against potential infection.


face masks in restaurants for safety

8. Disposable menus

Disposable menus allow guests to browse and touch their menu without worrying about who else may have felt their menu before.


virtual menus during covid

9. Virtual menus

Virtual menus are an even safer and cost-effective way to keep guests safe. This technology can be preferrable if a restaurant’s demographics are below the age of 70.


environmentally friendly disposable for restaurant safety

10. Disposable eat-ware and drinkware

Disposable eat-ware and drinkware can also help relieve guest anxiety. By choosing wooden utensils, plates, and cups, environmentally conscious guests could receive a higher level of satisfaction.


Even after making changes to protect employees and guests, it’s more critical than ever to communicate these health and safety improvements to customers. 


Your restaurant could have excellent safety protocols in place, but unless customers know about them, these efforts will not increase restaurant profits.


Thankfully, WiFi marketing offers an innovative way to capture critical information like email addresses and phone numbers from guests. It’s never too late to get started.


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Transparency and marketing have never been more critical.


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