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Monetize Your WiFi

with marketing solutions.

Connect With Customers

Connect your customers to a custom branded login portal to match your company’s look and feel.

Share Promotions

Increase revenue by creating custom promotional offers available to your customers when they log in to your WiFi.

Create Life-Long Relationships

Reconnect with your audience to promote specials and offers, even after they have left your business.

  • "WiFi is practically magic magic to me, and if WiFi is magic then the folks at SuperFi must be wizards!"
    — Spring Park Coffee
  • "Our guest wifi experience was borderline embarrassing before SuperFi"
    — Brass Tacks Coffee Co.
  • "Wi-Fi was always such a headache for us before working with SuperFi. We now see the opportunity for marketing too!"
    — Bold Bean Coffee
  • "SuperFi is an exciting endeavor for us to better engage with our loyal customers. We are excited to see what the future holds for our new marketing platform!"
    — Bono’s BBQ
  • "Automating our social media marketing through guest Wi-Fi has been a real game changer!"
    — Infield Pizzeria
  • "Our social media engagements are up significantly, thanks to the tools SuperFi has provided!"
    — Beaver Street Enterprise Center
  • "Great company to work with!"
    — Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe
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Powerful WiFi landing pages with limitless possibilities

SuperFi your business with powerful customizable WiFi marketing.  Combine smart, modern styling with the specials and promotions your customers your customers will love. Increase your revenue faster than ever with SuperFi!

SuperFi Features & Benefits

SuperFi features customizable content and WiFi data capture tools to help monetize your WiFi.

Capture Emails

Increase subscribers and generate recurring revenue with customer loyalty programs.

Showcase Specials

Upsell your products by showcasing relevant specials for your customers.

monetize your wifi
Increase App Downloads

Take your mobile app to the next level with app downloads from your WiFi guests.

Social Sign On

Auto-engage with your audience and increase your brand’s reach, subscribers, and reviews.

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Ready to increase your revenue?

SuperFi allows you to connect with your customers and reward them for doing business with you. Whether you would like to increase your email subscribers, create a social buzz, increase app downloads, or upsell your customers, SuperFi can help.